Getting Started with SyncRelay

SyncRelay offers managed real-time infrastructure for every product. Whether you want to build a chat application, reactive user interfaces like dashboards that update whenever new data is available, location tracking, or other reactive applications, we take care of provisioning and scaling the real-time layer, so you can focus on building your product instead.

Sending and receiving your first message

Creating an account

If you haven't done so yet, please create an account first. Once you have signed up, you will be added to your primary organization. Later on, you can create or join other organizations and invite team members.

Creating a project

In the organization, click Create a project, then enter a name for your project, and hit enter or click the Create button. A project is the primary unit within organizations and can be used to isolate users and content.

Listening for messages

To check that your project is working, let's send your first message. Without listening for it, we wouldn't know it worked, of course, so make sure to click on Start listening. This will instantiate a live session and display any message sent in your project.

Sending your first message

Now that we're listening for messages, let's send our first one! Enter an arbitrary topic, starting with /, a message kind, and a JSON payload, then click Send. You should see two things happening: A confirmation will show up above the form, indicating your message was dispatched. In your message list, you should now see a new message of the kind SENT_MESSAGE. You can copy the payload for further inspection by clicking it.

Integrating SyncRelay

Now that you know how to use the UI, you can continue to integrate SyncRelay with your application. For this, check out one of the available guides in the sidebar!