Our Values

To provide a sustainable platform that scales well into the future, we adhere to the following values when building features and the product.

  • Predictable Performance. Guaranteed. SyncRelay offers unmatched service level at a global scale. To make sure your projects always receive the resources they require, we strictly limit usage with service quotas, which are tied to subscription plans.

  • Empowering Developers. SyncRelay powers the backend infrastructure of real-time-enabled applications and as such is used mostly by engineering teams. For this reason, we value high-quality documentation, resilient APIs, and build developer tooling we use daily ourselves.

  • Clear Feature Lifecycle Communication. Features are announced and deprecated in a continuous stream. We will clearly communicate deprecations and provide a reasonable time horizon to upgrade applications to new workflows.

  • Your Data, Your Terms. We encrypt every message that flows through our system in transit and at rest, so no malicious actor gains access to sensitive information. Based in the EU, we are GDPR compliant and provide a privacy policy that explains how we handle your data.

For enterprise customers, we offer dedicated deployments, completely isolated from other customers. Dedicated deployments are set up close to your users to ensure low latency and improve the availability and stability of our systems even further. Additional enterprise features include extended service quotas, audit log retention, Single Sign-On, and more.